Success Stories

Medical School Preparation

As I was undergoing the intensive process of applying to medical schools and preparing for interviews, Abby provided me with constructive resume feedback as well as mock interview support. In my written applications, Abby spent time reading my essays, resume, and other application materials. It was evident that she thoroughly analyzed each individual essay and its respective prompt because she provided specific recommendations for both grammar- and content-based improvements. Despite the time it takes to provide solid feedback, Abby also consistently returned feedback to me in a timely (even quick!) manner. When it came time to prepare for interviews, Abby worked with my schedule by providing phone interviews when I couldn't meet in person. She prompted me with questions specific to the coming interview type (as medical school interviews can be quite different from job interviews). Her interview feedback was positive while also practical and useful. I ended up answering very similar questions in my real interviews and felt prepared to provide an honest and thoughtful response on the spot due to my practice with Abby. To anyone applying to jobs, higher education, or any other positions, I highly recommend Abby's services through Life Work Balance LLC.
Emily W.
Medical Student
Mountains in Fall

Career Coaching

Working with Abigail Hoeh was wonderful. I found her as who has great experience as well as deep knowledge of career development. Her skills in leadership development makes her see solutions rather than problems. Abigail Hoeh is dedicated, self-motivated, methodical, and very capable. Very positive attitude towards work. Abigail Hoeh makes the impossible possible. I would recommend her services.
Cory Z.
Digital Marketing Strategist

Career Coaching

I can’t recommend Abby enough! In just a few sessions, Abby helped to develop my ideas into clear-cut steps to achieve the future I want. I was overwhelmed by the idea of applying to graduate school and making decisions about my future career, but wasn’t sure if career counseling could help since I already have a pretty comfortable job. I can absolutely attest to the value of Abby’s services in giving me tools to both get the most out of my time and effort in my current job, and make planning for the future completely doable. Abby helped me put my interests and values into focus, and designed a realistic plan to help me network, explore and develop my skills, and ultimately achieve a career path that aligns with what matters most to me. She excels in developing a strategy to most efficiently work toward those bigger goals, while leaving no stone unturned. She’s not only productive and efficient, but a great listener and incredibly thoughtful, giving her a unique, personalized approach. I don’t know how I would have navigated this without Abby, and I can’t recommend her services enough!
Emily K.
Entrepreneur | Psychology Research Coordinator
Flatirons in Boulder, CO

Resume Rewrite

Abby is an incredibly thorough person. I sent her my resume and the listing for the job I was after. She hand tailored my resume with suggestions on how to correct it and word it to the listing I was after. The suggestions were smart and her turnaround time is very quick. I was able to put my application in with my new company and got a response within 3 hours! She dedicated herself to each project and produces stellar work. I have used her twice now and she has my full trust.
Eric H.
Account Manager

Career Coaching

I cannot recommend Life Work Balance & Abby enough! Abby takes the time to fully understand your current situation and the goals you’re aspiring to to help you in the best and most efficient way. Abby was a great help for me in terms of professional development, interview preparation/assistance, and salary negotiation(!!). With Abby’s help, I not only was able to secure a position that was an incredible opportunity, but she also helped me negotiate a salary that was significantly higher than their base offer. Whatever your needs, you cannot go wrong with enlisting Abby & Life Work Balance’s services.
Nathalie DW.
Research & Project Coordinator