Pricing & Packages

We offer a free 15-minute consultation via phone so you can learn more about our services and determine if we will make a good partnership. We will likely discuss what you’re looking for and how we can help you. If you would like to schedule your free consultation, please contact us here.

Monthly Coaching Package

$550 per month

This package includes weekly coaching sessions and email/text coaching and support throughout the month. This package is specifically intended for individuals looking for general career coaching such as those approaching or experiencing a career pivot, career transition, or general career exploration.  Traditionally, clients who sign up for this package are looking for help with tangible items like their resume (master and tailored) and LinkedIn profiles, as well as coaching around interviewing and interview prep, confidence building, networking, and job search coaching. Additional sessions beyond weekly sessions are priced based on need. 

Sessions primarily take place over Zoom or via phone. 

Specific Outcome Packages

Personal Branding Package:


This package includes four, 45-minute sessions. We will review your strengths, personal core values, and create or modify your personal mission and vision statements. This package may include working on your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to align them with your personal brand. We will then work together to find at least one organization and job that aligns with your personal brand so you can pursue a job that provides you with more engagement, happiness, and satisfaction.

Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Review Packages

$150 per hour

We will review your resume, cover letter, and/or LinkedIn profile to provide pointers and feedback so you may increase the effectiveness of one or more of these items as it currently exists. We will also incorporate a comparison to one job you are interested in. Conversations may take place either over the phone or via Zoom.

Interview Prep:

1 hour: $150

We will likely speak with you about your upcoming interview, discuss prior challenges you have experienced during the interview process, and then hold a mock interview with you. We will then give you multifaceted feedback that provides you insight about your responses, your tone, and your body language (if we do a video conference interview). Conversations can take place either over the phone or via Zoom.

Resume Rewrite Packages:

Tailored Resume Rewrite Package: $400*
Master Resume Rewrite Package: $500*

Tailored Resume:
Using one job you are interested in we collaborate with you to rewrite your resume to help present you as the most qualified candidate. We do this by showcasing your most relevant skills, achievements, and successes using wording that passes the “6-second test” and Applicant Tracking System Filters. This includes 3 rounds of collaborative edits and your finalized resume. Your final resume will be provided in a format that you may edit at any time (word document).

Master Resume:
We collaborate with you to rewrite or create your master resume. Your master resume will help you create various tailored resumes easily and effectively, and can be used to create your LinkedIn profile. This pays for 3 rounds of collaborative edits and your finalized resume. Your final resume will be provided in a format that you may edit at any time (word document).

*Final cost may vary based on initial consultation if more work is needed. As it is important for us to provide you with a high-quality, personalized product, the minimum turnaround time for this service is 10 business days from receipt of all required materials.


For Groups & Organizations

Employee/Professional Development Coaching & Consulting

For pricing regarding group and organizational coaching, training, workshops, and presentations, please contact us here or via email.