Career Phases

Career Exploration and Strategizing

The goal of career exploration is to find a job you are excited and energized about, one that doesn’t make you dread Mondays, and one that gives you a sense of meaning and purpose.

One of our favorite things about career exploration is helping clients realize we don’t have the answers – you do. Sometimes people expect a quick fix from career counseling, thinking we have all the answers and will tell clients exactly what to do. Instead, career exploration is a journey of self-discovery; the career exploration process is holistic and will help you expose the answers to your questions.

It’s likely we will discuss many aspects of your life including: financial responsibilities, your relationships (partner or spouse, children, parents, etc.), any constraints such as health limitations or geographical location, your self-esteem and confidence, and any other pieces that make your life both unique and complicated.

The exploration process will help you unearth answers to questions like: what do I really want to do? Will I make enough money? Do I have the right skills? Will I have to start over?

We will do this by recognizing your skills and competencies and analyzing how those may be used in a job or career, so you feel fulfilled and happy.

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Career Transition

Career transition can be stressful and scary. Where do you start? What should you consider? You might feel overwhelmed by all of the options and risks. Yet, you have an opportunity to begin down a new path. We can provide you with a safe, supportive place for you to identify, evaluate, and explore your options.

We will identify and understand your priorities, needs, values, personality, interests, and skills. This process will help pinpoint what makes you happy, what you want more or less of in your life, and the high points of your jobs or life that gave you a jolt of excitement, energy, and pride. Together we will identify your skills, set goals, and create an action plan to help you through your transition.

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Career Management and Professional Development

Although we may change jobs 10-15 times, we spend most of our time in a job, not searching for a new one, which makes career management essential to career counseling. Succeeding in the workplace is more than just showing up to work and doing your job. We can help you build and strengthen a wide range of skills including self-awareness, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, self-care, communication skills, personal productivity, delegation, organization, and leadership ability.

We offer you a safe place for you to be human. A place where you can share your triumphs and challenges in a private, non-judgmental environment.

You can talk through risks, opportunities, and things you might otherwise keep to yourself. We will focus on identifying the challenges you are facing and work together to develop and implement solutions so you may thrive in your current position.

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