Consulting | Coaching

Life Work Balance LLC provides individual and group consulting and coaching. Services may include, but are not limited to resume reviews, interview preparation, LinkedIn reviews, and business and organizational training, presentations, workshops, and consultation. Coaching may also focus on career exploration and strategizing, career transition, career management, and professional development.

Difference between coaching & consulting

A consultant brings expertise in a specific area. A coach brings expertise in helping people connect with their own innate wisdom to define and achieve the goals they have set for themselves. While consulting may be sharply focused on one specific issue, coaching takes a holistic view, and it allows clients to explore how all the different parts of their life and work are connected and influence each other.

Whether coaching, consulting, or a blend of the two is best for you will depend on your needs and values, as well the complexity of the situation and your time constraints.

Difference between coaching & counseling

The primary difference between career coaching and career counseling is the focus on time and depth of discussions.

Career coaching will primarily focus on the present situation and creating an action plan to move forward. Career counseling, while also focusing on the present, may consider your past experiences or barriers that may have influenced your present challenges.

If you are looking for deeper insight into your career journey, counseling may be for you. If you choose career coaching instead of counseling, we will likely focus on creating a plan to accomplish your goals, without exploring past experiences in depth.

When it comes to choosing coaching or counseling, there is not a right or wrong or better or worse. What matters is what type of help or guidance you need and what approach best fits your style.