Mission, Core Values, & Vision

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The mission of Life Work Balance is to partner with individuals and organizations to promote life-work balance. Promoting life-work balance helps clients achieve happiness, satisfaction, and well-being in the workplace through our core values of connection, collaboration, compassion, integrity, responsibility, gratitude, and balance.


Our core values describe how we present ourselves and how we interact and promote the work we do with others.

CONNECTION – Human relationships are the foundation for finding a meaningful life-work balance.

COLLABORATION – Shared goals and support leads to greater success than individual focuses.

COMPASSION – Care for others in a considerate, empathetic, and professional way while understanding each person’s experience is different.

INTEGRITY – Choose the right path, even when it isn’t the easiest. Walk the walk and talk the talk.

RESPONSIBILITY – Take ownership for our own actions and reactions.

GRATITUDE – Express gratitude professionally and personally.

BALANCE – Create, promote, and maintain a balance between life and work.


Life Work Balance LLC was created with the vision to help individuals and organizations find, create, promote, and maintain balance between life and work. We understand this balance looks different for everyone; there is not one single “fix-all” and the balance will fluctuate over the course of the individual and organizational life cycle.

We strive to partner with each and every client on a journey of self-actualization, the process of discovering and working toward one’s full potential professionally and personally. When we collaborate with organizations we focus on human relationships to help increase overall engagement, satisfaction, and effectiveness of their workforce, ranging from operational staff to executives.