Cracking the Code to Employee Engagement – Guest Host for Health Links Webinar

Cracking the Code Title Page

This project has been in the making since December 2017. My colleague, Diana Reznikoff, and I have presented numerous times on how organizations can begin cracking the code to employee engagement.

We’ve presented at local community meetings, facilitated community workshops, presented a breakout session for the 11th Annual Colorado Culture of Health & Wellbeing Conference, and most recently were guests on the Health Links webinar.

Our original project was titled Cracking the Code: The Value of Engagement, Health Equity & Positive Workplace Relationships

The Health Links Webinar paired it down a little to Cracking the Code: The Value of Health Equity and Inclusion.

Diana focuses on how health equity and inclusion in the workplace influence employee engagement. I dig deeper into one way organizations can improve their employee engagement: focus on building and fostering positive workplace relationships.

If you are interested in listening into the presentation, Health Links recorded the webinar and posted it on their YouTube channel. Check it out below!

Diana focuses on Health Equity and Inclusion beginning at 4:28 and I discuss Positive Workplace Relationships beginning at 28:11.

If you have trouble watching the video on this blog post, please view it on Health Link’s YouTube channel here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and watch the webinar! If you’re looking for ways to increase your organization’s level of employee engagement or positive workplace relationships, please review my services here and contact me here.